Best Chinese Menu for 10 Dishes

By | 2018年9月22日

The best dishes in Chinese menu.


1.Peking duck

This is a famous dish in Beijing. It is made of high quality Beijing duck, roasted with fruit and full of color and taste. Meat is not fat, and is known as “the famous food for the world”.


2.Mapo tofu

Famous Sichuan cuisine


3.West Lake Fish With Vinegar Sauce

Hangzhou traditional dishes, their firing process are very unique, and the fire requirements are very high. The fish is tender and has a crab flavor, and it also is fresh and sweet.

4.Wuwei Smoked Duck



5.Dongpo meat

It is usually a square-shaped pork of about two inches. Half is fat and half is lean.  It has flavor of wine with bright red color, very famous in China.

6.Spicy chicken

7.Steamed Wuchang fish

8.Hun Tun

9.General Tso’s Chicken

10.Spicy beaf soup(hu la tang 胡辣汤)

very famosu soup that in the central  China, someboy call it as tast of Hometown.

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