The Top Ten Packaging Machine Brands Made in China

By | 2018年4月9日

The Top Ten Packaging Machine Brands Made in China


  1. J.S. Corrugating Machinery Co., Ltd.



The jingshan light machine is the first paper products packaging machinery listed companies in China, after more than 50 years of hard, has grown into China’s largest paper products packaging machinery research and development, manufacture and export base, is the world’s largest corrugated machinery equipment and the subsequent processing equipment manufacturers.



Beijing mountain light machine is located in China’s ecological county — the high-tech development zone of jingshan county, hubei province, covering an area of 800 mu. We have more than 1200 advanced processing equipment manufactured by the world’s top equipment manufacturers such as Germany, Japan and Korea.



Companies adhere to the “tree with the brand image, increasing benefits strives for the survival by the quality, service” business philosophy, adhere to the high-quality goods strategy, internationalization strategy, service strategy as the core, to the sound and rapid “three Kings” brand image.



Jingshan light machine has obtained ISO9001 quality management system certification, north American ASME certification and eu CE certification. Through the project management and node control make the quality management mode is engaged in the inspection after successfully transition to prevention model, combining with the inspection system is established for the quality of the many varieties of small batch mode defect analysis model, make the key indicators of four host a qualified rate reached 100%; Through technological innovation and process improvement, the life expectancy of the roller is over 35 million.



Company owns national technology center and a group has more than 30 years development experience of senior experts, with much discipline, much professional r&d team, Dr Center by former chief technology officer at lansdowne companies in the United States expert George. Robert mills, research and development projects in more than 40 per year on average. The company’s products are moving towards “high speed, high efficiency, low energy consumption, intelligent and wide”, and keep the leading technology level in the industry.



2.Guangzhou Tech-long Packaging Machinery Co.,Ltd.



Through Tech – long Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. (A shares listed on the shenzhen stock exchange on January 30, 2008), the predecessor is Guangzhou tech-long Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd., founded in 1998, in 2006 the overall restructuring for Co., Ltd is A registered capital of 114 million yuan, is China’s beverage Packaging Machinery manufacturing industry leading enterprises.



Company is Chinese beverage packaging industry’s leading supplier of equipment, to provide drinks factory comprehensive solution, including pretreatment, bottle blowing, filling, to secondary packaging line and single machine equipment, the company has a number of leading technology and series of equipment, including domestic initiative of automatic rotary PET bottle blowing machine, Asia’s most high-speed rotary 5 gallons bottled water filling equipment and domestic leading PET bottle filling production line and the secondary packaging equipment. The company has successfully become Coca-Cola, pepsi-cola, danone and SAN miguel group international company certified suppliers, and as wahaha, danone robust, coconut palm, jianlibao, zijiang and zhongfu domestic famous beverage brands provides excellent equipment and perfect service.



  1. Zhongshan songde packaging machinery co., LTD.



Loose DE machinery co., LTD. (formerly known as: zhongshan city, packaging machinery co., LTD.) was founded in 1997, 2011 listed on the shenzhen stock exchange, shares referred to as: “, “shares. The company is committed to providing high quality gravure, flexographic equipment and supporting technical support for users in packaging printing, decoration printing and other related fields. The products mainly include folding carton, soft packaging and decorative materials printing and processing equipment, and carton preprinting equipment; The company not only strives to develop a complete set of equipment with international standard, but also pays more attention to the solution of the system.



After ten years of rapid development, pine DE machinery co., LTD., has become China’s printing processing equipment industry a leading manufacturing service provider, China’s current gravure and flexo printing equipment manufacturing industry development the fastest, the largest private enterprises. Company according to international standards to manage and promote enterprise progress, and actively promote international packaging and printing industry “environmental protection, health and safety” product development philosophy, put each year thousands of product innovation based on the potential demand of the customers, the development and has sales of a series of with international standards of high quality printing complete sets of equipment. With wholeheartedly for the domestic and foreign first-class cigarette packaging and aseptic packaging, flexible packaging, wood and paper carton printed processing such as providing high practical, personalized and system design of complete production line and high quality service and customer’s praise. The outstanding non-standard design ability, the outstanding special craft demand to solve the ability and the outstanding craft innovation ability, has created the songde strong comprehensive strength! Songde machinery equipment not only has a large market share in China; In the international market also win more and more experts trust, established a good international reputation.



  1. Shaanxi beihang printing machinery co., LTD.



Shaanxi beiyan printing machinery co., LTD. Is a professional manufacturer of packaging and printing equipment with a history of over 40 years.



Over 40 years of development and accumulation, we have forged a professional r&d team with strong innovation ability and high technical quality. The company has international advanced level, sophisticated processing and precision testing equipment. First in the industry through the GB/ t19001-2008 quality management system, GB/ t24001-2004 environmental management system, GB/ t28001-2001 occupational health and safety management system certification, various products passed the CE certification.



With “green, environmental protection, high efficiency and humanization”, the company is committed to providing high quality products and services to users. Main production plastic, paper gravure printing press; Flexographic printing press; Complete sets of equipment such as compound machine, coating machine and cutting machine. The leading product unit type gravure printing press is “shaanxi province famous brand product”, “China packing famous brand product”, “national user satisfaction product”. The products sell well in China, and marketing Europe, southeast Asia and more than 20 countries and regions.



  1. Hualian machinery group co. LTD.



Hualian machinery group was established in 1989, is a collection of scientific research, design, manufacture and sales as one of the group company, packaging machinery, for leading industries, is the standing director unit of China packaging federation, China packaging enterprises, high and new technology enterprise of zhejiang province, undertakes the national torch plan project. The enterprise is certified by international quality management system IS09001:2000 and eu CE certification. The packaging machinery series products manufactured by the company have been awarded as the famous brand products in China, and the r&d center of huafeng packaging machinery is listed as the provincial high-tech research and development center of zhejiang province.



Group by hualian machinery group co., LTD., Beijing olfson packaging machinery co., LTD., Shanghai hualian machinery group sales company, hualian machinery group sales co., LTD., jiangsu hualian packaging co., LTD in sichuan, hualian machinery group wenzhou wenzhou packaging machinery sales co., LTD., hualian machinery group co., LTD., hualian machinery group import and export co., LTD., hualian machinery group automation equipment co., LTD., hualian machinery group winbond packaging machinery co., LTD., hualian machinery group light industry machinery co., LTD., hualian machinery group wenzhou cold work machinery co., LTD., shenzhen huasheng united strong packing machinery co., LTD. (shenzhen hualian packaging machinery), etc, head office located in wenzhou industrial park covers an area of 22000 ㎡, building area of 27000 ㎡.



Group company has formed series and large-scale production of packaging machinery products are: folding machine series, automatic carton packaging production line series, carton forming machine series, automatic packing machine series, automatic sealing machine series, the series automatic strapping machine, automatic winding packaging machine series, automatic palletizing robot series; Heavy bag automatic packaging line series, heavy bag automatic packaging machine series; And vacuum packaging machine and real switch machine series, air sealing machine series, wrapped tight packaging machine series, heat shrinkable packaging machine machine series, automatic packaging machine series, automatic code printer series and so on more than 200 products packaging machinery.



  1. Swift machinery equipment co. LTD.



Quick quick packaging machinery, from jinan swiftness, wuhan, jinan together to build brand of packaging machinery, tungtay group co., LTD is committed to packaging machinery, packaging equipment design, development, manufacturing and sales, has passed ISO9001:2000 system certification, filling and sealing machine, filling machine series products have passed CE certification. Main products such as sealing machine, filling machine, electromagnetic induction sealing machine, labeling machine, etc. Products have been in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food, pesticides, lubricants and other industries widely used, some products are exported to Europe, America, Middle East, southeast Asia and other regions.



The company has the professional technical personnel, the engineer, and the sale service personnel, form a high quality young and extremely rich team innovative spirit team. Company has always been to “people-oriented, leading technology, the good faith management, create famous brand” for the purpose, as always to provide customers with reliable products, perfect service, common development, create brilliance.



  1. Spark packaging machinery co. LTD.



Zhengzhou spark packaging machinery co., LTD. Is a collection of scientific research, production, sales and service in a body’s high technology enterprise, the company existing staff 200 people, is engaged in the food, pharmaceutical, and chemical packaging machinery, filling machinery, unmanned intelligent packaging line of professional manufacturers. With the tenet of “good faith, responsibility, service and development”, the spark people have the mission of “improving enterprise packaging efficiency”. Strive to build “the first brand of packaging machinery industry” as the corporate vision. Guided by “scientific and technological innovation” to guide the management and development of enterprises, and to promote the development of the brand with the effect of enterprise culture construction.



Xinghuo machinery from foreign high-end packaging equipment, reference of foreign advanced packaging technologies, and then on the basis of its research and development accord with national conditions and the application used to packaging machinery, the spark in absorbing foreign advanced technology of mechanical institute of cooperation with domestic well-known colleges and universities at the same time, industry renowned experts, the latest scientific research achievements into productive forces rapidly, and gradually to the market. Starfire now has more than a dozen product intellectual property rights and proprietary technologies. Allow customers to win more space for customer in cost accounting, market analysis, responsible for the customer design planning, on-site debugging installation, free training operators, ensure to produce qualified, high-quality products.



  1. Nanjing light industrial machinery group.



Nanjing light industry machinery group is based on beer, beverage filling equipment leading products, set product development, production, operating a variety of functions such as sales and technical services for the integration of large-scale light industry machinery enterprises, the number of employees more than 6000 people. Group mainly produces beer filling equipment, beverage filling and bottle blowing equipment, food packaging equipment, pipe equipment, plating equipment, electronic components, automatic plug-in equipment, high speed cold extrusion equipment, hydraulic bending equipment and hydraulic forming equipment and engaged in hotel, tourism, catering. Among them: leading products beer, beverage filling equipment in our country food packaging industry, technically in the domestic leading position and close to the international advanced level. The company’s products are mainly direct selling, the market share is the first in the domestic industry for ten consecutive years, and the products are exported to Asia, Africa and Europe.



Nanjing light industrial machinery group is a subsidiary of China building materials light industry machinery group co., LTD., passed the ISO 9001 quality system certification in June 1997 and passed the certification in 2002. As the only enterprise in the Chinese beer and beverage equipment industry that has won the “national may one labor certificate”, it has been recognized by the all-china federation of trade unions. Nanjing light industrial machinery group was also named “jiangsu civilized unit” for the fifth consecutive year. Recently, it was named “national machinery industry civilization unit” by the China machinery association. “Nanjing light machine group design institute” has been identified as “jiangsu enterprise technology center”, and has been named as national CAD and CIMS system application demonstration enterprise by the ministry of science and technology.



  1. Qingdao huachi packaging machinery co. LTD.



Qingdao h chi machinery manufacturing co., LTD. Was founded in 1955, covers an area of 38000 square meters, staff 300 people, is Qingdao city high-tech enterprises, the ministry of agriculture key enterprises creating famous brand, in the same industry took the lead through the ISO9001 international quality system certification. The company has strong technical force, advanced equipment, perfect management, professional production of jacquard weaving machine, complete production equipment and so on.



  1. Jiangsu xinmeixing packaging machinery co. LTD.



New star, Chinese high-end liquid (beverage) packaging machinery expert and leader. We are committed to providing competitive comprehensive solutions and services for global liquid beverage factories to create maximum value for our customers. The new star has two r&d and manufacturing plants, covering an area of over 150,000 square meters. It is the largest liquid (beverage) packaging machinery r&d and manufacturing base in China. The company’s headquarters is located in the state-level economic and technological development zone, zhangjiagang economic and technological development zone, which is adjacent to several expressways and international airports.



The company’s business covers four areas: beverage, wine, condiments and daily chemicals. So far, has been successful for Coca-Cola, pepsi-cola, danone, nestle, wahaha, master kong, suntory, Dali, zhongfu, unity, yinlu, treasure, ganten, coconut trees, oak, famous both at home and abroad, such as fluid (drink) factory provides the high quality equipment and perfect service, products sold to Europe, southeast Asia, the Middle East at the same time, America, Africa, etc. More than 70 countries and regions.

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