The Top Ten Smart Watch Brands Made in China

By | 2018年4月9日

The Top Ten Smart Watch Brands Made in China

apple Watch (apple)


(400-666-8800, apple inc. ‘s smart watch brand, released in September 2014, led to the luxury smart watch brand with high attention, apple inc.)



HUAWEI (HUAWEI technologies co., LTD.)


(400-830-8300, which started in 1987, is the world’s leading provider of telecom solutions. It is known for its innovative technologies, private technology companies with employees’ holdings, and huawei technologies co., LTD.)


SAMSUNG (SAMSUNG electronics co.)


(400-810-5858, started in 1938 in South Korea, the world’s top 500 enterprises, the global well-known enterprise group, and the large multinational companies in many fields, including electronics/finance/machinery/chemistry, samsung group)



MOTOROLA (MOTOROLA mobility technology (China) co., LTD.)


(400-889-9090, started in 1928 in the United States, lenovo’s mobile business brand,2014 lenovo formally completed the acquisition of MOTOROLA mobility from Google, MOTOROLA mobility technology (China) co., LTD.)


SUUNTO (amafen sports goods trade (Shanghai) co., LTD.)


(021-51165288, founded in 1936 in Finland, a well-known manufacturer of outdoor sports measurement equipment, the world’s leading wrist computer design manufacturer, amafen sports goods trade (Shanghai) co., LTD.)



GARMIN (Beijing jiaming avionics technology co., LTD.)


(400-819-1899, established in 1989, is a well-known brand in the global positioning navigation system, dedicated to the design and development of GPS products, Beijing jia-ming avionics technology co., LTD.)



SONY (China) limited


(400-8109000, started in 1946, Japan, Japan representative enterprise, world electronic 3C/ game/finance/entertainment industry giant, portable digital product pioneer, SONY)



Fitbit (Fitbit health technology (Shanghai) co., LTD.)


(400-018-8271, originated in the United States, smart bracelet ten big brand, focused on the areas of health tracking wearable technology innovation, is dedicated to developing and promoting healthy lohas products, leading global intelligent equipment dressing, Fitbit companies in the United States)



Honor (huawei technologies co., LTD.)


(400-830-8300, huawei launched the Internet mobile phone brand in 2013, the leading brand of domestic Internet mobile phone, providing the audience with high price products to meet more demands, huawei technologies co., LTD.)



EZON (fuzhou yimei electronic co., LTD.)


(0591-83766081, a smart sports brand integrating sports watch/wearable intelligent and cloud service platform, standing member of China watch association, fuzhou yimei electronic co., LTD.)

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