The Top Ten Speakers Brands Made in China

By | 2018年4月9日

The Top Ten Speakers Brands Made in China


Bose (Bose audio-visual system (Shanghai) co., LTD.)


(400-880-2266, started in 1964, integrated family audio and video system solution provider, the world’s earlier speaker brand, global audio technology leading enterprise, doctor audio-visual system (Shanghai) co., LTD.)



JBL (China) investment co., LTD.


(021-32200206, global manufacturer of audio and information entertainment products, global manufacturer of audio and information entertainment products in 1946, harman (China) investment co., LTD.)



Huiwei Hivi (zhuhai huiwei technology co., LTD.)


(400-0909-199, famous domestic cinema/audio brand, hi-end loudspeaker manufacturer with international reputation, leader of electro-acoustic technology, zhuhai huiwei technology co., LTD.)


Yamaha (Yamaha musical instrument (China) investment co., LTD.)


(400-051-7700, founded in 1887 in Japan, started as a high-quality reed organ, the world’s largest musical instrument manufacturer, specialized in producing Musical Instruments/audio equipment/audio-visual products/semiconductor materials, etc., yamaha musical instrument (China) investment co., LTD.)


PHILIPS (China) investment co., LTD.


(4008-800-008, which began in 1891 in the Netherlands, is an internationally renowned multinational electronic brand, specializing in healthcare/quality living and lighting, the large electronics company, royal philips of the Netherlands)


Haman caton (China) investment co., LTD.


(021-32200206, founded in 1953 in the United States, international famous audio product manufacturer, specializing in the development/production/sales of home and car audio systems, harman (China) investment co., LTD.)



EDIFIER Technology Co.,Ltd.


(400-810-5526, founded in 1996, is a well-known trademark in Beijing, with a high Technology enterprise,Edifier Technology Co.,Ltd., which is the core product of multi-media audio and home audio products.)


SONY (China) limited


(400-8109000, started in 1946, Japan, Japan representative enterprise, world electronic 3C/ game/finance/entertainment industry giant, portable digital product pioneer, SONY)


SANSUI electronics (China) co., LTD.


(078-88886978, founded in Japan in 1944, is known internationally for its loudspeakers, providing diversified electronic products and services, and Guoguang Electric Company Limited)



Microlab (shenzhen mebo electric appliance co., LTD.)


(800-830-5652, established in 1998, guangdong famous trademark, audio system integrated solution provider, specializing in the development/design/production/sales and service of various speakers, shenzhen mebo electric appliance co., LTD.)

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