Top 10 Cell Phone Brands Made in China

By | 2018年4月9日

Top 10 Cell Phone Brands Made in China


IPhone apple


(1976, began in 1976, the United States, multimedia intelligent high-end fashion brand, the world top 500 enterprises, the global market value/value larger large multinational enterprise group, apple shares co., LTD.)



HUAWEI HUAWEI (HUAWEI technologies co., LTD.)


(400-830-8300, started in 1987, a leading global telecommunications solutions provider, is famous for its innovative technology, employee-owned private science and technology company, huawei technologies co., LTD.)



Honor honor (huawei technologies co., LTD.)


(released in 2013, 400-830-8300, huawei Internet mobile phone brands, domestic mobile Internet leading brand, provide the audience with high sexual price products to satisfy more needs, huawei technologies co., LTD.)



OPPO (guangdong ojia holdings limited)


(4001-666-888, the registered brand for export, focus on the pictures of the mobile phone technology innovation, characteristic in the field of mobile phones, is famous for high quality digital brand, guangdong pearl mobile communication co., LTD.)



VIVO (guangdong gai electronic industry co., LTD.)


(0769-85545555, backgammon, specially designed for young fashion group, domestic mainstream smartphone brand, focus on global smartphone mobile Internet intelligent terminal company, guangdong backgammon electronics co., LTD.)



MI MI (xiaomi technology co., LTD.)


(400-100-5678, the early development of the mobile phone based on the Internet mode mobile Internet company, has been formed a smart phone/Internet TV/intelligent household ecosystem construction layout of the science and technology enterprises, Beijing millet technology co., LTD.)



MEIZU MEIZU (zhuhai MEIZU technology co., LTD.)


(400-788-3333, to develop and produce high-quality MP3 series walkman, its mobile phone is famous for its beautiful sound quality, focusing on multimedia terminal research and development, zhuhai meizu technology co., LTD.)



Samsung galaxy (samsung electronics co.)


(400-810-5858, the high-end mobile phone brand of South Korea’s samsung group, the leader of the global android smartphone market, the internationally renowned smartphone manufacturer, samsung electronics co., LTD.)



360 mobile phone (s60 security technology co., LTD.)


(400-6822-360, qihoo 360, committed to providing the hardware and software integration solutions and mobile Internet application experience, the specialty is engaged in the smart phone development/manufacturing and sales of modern enterprise, cool Internet technology (shenzhen) co., LTD.)


Nubia Nubia (Nubia technology limited)


(400-700-6600, a well-known mobile phone brand in China, featuring the new high-end smart phone brand featured by mobile phone photography, the single anti-stage photography function is known as “SLR in mobile phone”, Nubian technology co., LTD.)

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