Top 10 Electric tool brand Made in China

By | 2018年4月9日

Top 10 Electric tool brand Made in China


  1. BOSCH BOSCH power tools.





Bosch power tools (China) co., LTD., and Germany in 1886, Bosch group, leading the global power tool manufacturers, to maintain high standards of product quality and after-sales service, technical innovation and sought after. In order to further increase the production capacity, the new company moved to the new site, located in the south bank of qiantang river, the scenic area of qiantang river, hangzhou national high-tech industrial development zone.



  1. MAKITA grazing land.





Field (China) co., LTD., one of the ten famous brands in electric tools, founded in Japan in 1915, specializing in the production of professional power tools of large manufacturers, motor/electric tools production experienced international comprehensive enterprise group.



The company is one of the largest manufacturers of professional electric tools in the world, and its headquarters is located in the city of aichi prefecture, Japan. Main business includes electric tools, woodworking machinery, pneumatic tools, household and horticultural machinery and other manufacturing and marketing.



  1. Hitachi Hitachi





Hitachi (China) co., LTD., Hitachi Hitachi, one of the ten famous brands in the central air conditioning, electric tools, began in 1910, Japan, the world top 500, Japan’s major integrated motor manufacturers, give priority to with air conditioners, refrigerators and other appliances, household appliances, computer products, semiconductor, industrial machinery, and other products as one of the diversified enterprise group



HITACHI, the world’s largest multinational conglomerate, came to China in the 1960s and became one of the few foreign companies to enter the Chinese market early. The main products are air conditioners, refrigerators and other electrical appliances.



4, Black&Decker.





The United States Stanley black & decker, black &decker Black&Decker, one of the ten famous brands in electric tools, from the United States in 1910, the world’s most famous electrician tools, household appliances brand, in the aspect of product innovation, product quality, product design has a high visibility



On March 15, 2010, 100 companies merged with Stanley to form “Stanley 100”. Through this combination, Stanley black & decker tool industry will become the world’s more core competitiveness, more professional and reliability of industrial and household hand tools, electric tools, pneumatic tools, storage equipment manufacturer, is committed to a common customers to provide more specialized products and services.



  1. Dongcheng Dongcheng.





Jiang Sudong into electric tools co., LTD., began in 1995, a famous trademark in jiangsu province, jiangsu famous brand, domestic professional electric tools manufacturing key leading enterprise, has all kinds of electric tools products/rotor/stator and other spare parts



Jiangsu dongcheng electric tools co., LTD., founded in 1995, is one of the key backbone enterprises of professional electric tools manufacturing in China, and is the director unit of electric tools branch of China electric appliance industry association. The company has a complete industrial production base, covering an area of 112800 square meters, with a construction area of 58000 square meters; With modern industrial plants and first-class production and testing equipment; At the same time, we have a group of senior engineers, a team of senior managers and technicians. The company has more than 2700 employees.

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