Top 10 Best Refrigerator Brands Made in China

By | 2019年3月15日

The Haier and Simens are the best 2 brands right now in the shop, also these are very welcome choices for their designs and prices. Other brands like Midea, Hisense,Meiling and Samsung are all very good brands. Right now there are very few Refrigerators are need after sales services, so all the
Refrigerators made by these 10 brands are very reliable. Hope you guys can choose the right one you like.

No.1 Haier


No.3 Midea

No. 4 Hisense

No.5 Meiling

No.6 Samsung

No.7 panasonic

No.8 Bosch

No.9 Casarte

No.10 hisense

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