Top Ten Bluetooth Headset Brands Made in China

By | 2018年4月9日

Top Ten Bluetooth Headset Brands Made in China


Jabra (large Nordic communication equipment (China) co., LTD.)


(400-998-0833, which started in 1869 in Denmark, is the world’s leading manufacturer of innovative solutions for headsets and hands-free telephones, the international enterprise of production and marketing of wireless and wired headphone products, and the great Nordic communication equipment (China) co., LTD.)



Plantronics suzhou co., LTD.


(400-828-8660, started in 1961 in the United States, the world-famous designer/manufacturer and seller of the lightweight communication telephone headset products, the outer space preferred communication headset, Bintelli trade (suzhou) co., LTD.)



SONY (China) limited


(400-8109000, started in 1946, Japan, Japan representative enterprise, world electronic 3C/ game/finance/entertainment industry giant, portable digital product pioneer, SONY)



PHILIPS (China) investment co., LTD.


(4008-800-008, which began in 1891 in the Netherlands, is an internationally renowned multinational electronic brand, specializing in healthcare/quality living and lighting, the large electronics company, royal philips of the Netherlands)



Beats (apple)


(400-666-8800, world-leading high-performance headphone brand, famous brand of high-end headphone headset, acquired by apple in May,2014, apple electronic products trading (Beijing) co., LTD.)



Bose (Bose audio-visual system (Shanghai) co., LTD.)


(400-880-2266, started in 1964, integrated family audio and video system solution provider, the world’s earlier speaker brand, global audio technology leading enterprise, doctor audio-visual system (Shanghai) co., LTD.)



Sennheiser (Beijing) co., LTD.


(4006-3232-51, formerly known as senhaisel, started in Germany in 1945, leading professional microphones and headphone manufacturers, the world’s leading provider of integrated solutions for electro-acoustic products/systems integration and services)



EDIFIER Technology Co.,Ltd.


(400-810-5526, founded in 1996, is a well-known trademark in Beijing, with a high Technology enterprise,Edifier Technology Co.,Ltd., which is the core product of multi-media audio and home audio products.)



B&O (bananou enterprise management (Shanghai) co., LTD.)


(021-6082-5550, which started in 1925 in Denmark, is known for its design of avant-garde fashion/craftsmanship, fine and delicate and soft, and is dedicated to the production and sale of sound research enterprises, bananou enterprise management (Shanghai) co., LTD.)



MI (xiaomi technology co., LTD.)


(400-100-5678, the early development of the mobile phone based on the Internet mode mobile Internet company, has been formed a smart phone/Internet TV/intelligent household ecosystem construction layout of the science and technology enterprises, Beijing millet technology co., LTD.)

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