Top Ten Companies/ Manufactures in China’s Watch Brands

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Rossini is a nationally renowned company subordinate to the Hong Kong listed company China Haidian Holdings (HK.00256). Rossini’s cornerstone was a watchmaker and its predecessor was a manufacturing factory Swiss watchmaker opened in Singapore to manufacture watchcases. In 1984, Rossini moved to Zhuhai , and it is committed to creating the high-quality, high-taste and high-tech famous cultural products of timepieces for consumers, and attracts the attention of hundreds of millions of consumers with a unique minimalist style and wisdom connotation.



3.Seagull Watch Group Co., Ltd

Seagull Watch Group Co., Ltd. is an industry group consisting of 23 clocks, watches and precision components manufacturers, with Seagull Watch Industry (Tianjin Watch Factory) as its core. It is a large-scale precision mechanical watch movement manufacturing base in China. Since the development of China’s first domestic watch in 1955, China’s first female watch that meets international standards, China’s first export watch, and China’s first international gold medal watch were born here; in 2001, the product passed ISO9001 quality. The system certification was awarded “China Famous Brand” in 2002 and 2005, and was recognized as “China Famous Brand” in August 2005. In December 2006, it was awarded “China Time-honored Brand”.




n 1988, Tian Wang brand was founded and the first watch of Tian Wang

was designed and produced. Different from unified pattern and simple color,

Tian Wang

attracted women in love of beauty with bracelet-shape fashion style and dazzling yellow color.

In this way, Tian Wang became overwhelmingly popular in China.



Established in 1991 in Shenzhen, EBOHR Luxuries (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. is a quality watch enterprise under Citychamp Watch & Jewelry Group Ltd. (HK0256) integrating design, manufacturing and sales of quality watches. EBOHR Luxuries include “EBOHR”, “KANA”, “EC” and other wrist watch brands.

EBOHR Headquarters sets up technical center, design R&D center, precision manufacturing center, logistics support center, brand marketing center, market sales center, international business center and administrative center, 32 wholly-owned branches in Mainland China, nearly 3,000 POS terminals and after-sales networks in provincial capitals. EBOHR also has the following wholly-owned subsidiaries: Shenzhen PAMA Precision Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Shenzhen EBOHR Luxuries Online E-commerce Co., Ltd. and Swiss  Chronometric AG. It possesses over 2,400 full-time employees.



Shenzhen Rarone Watch Industry Co., Ltd was founded in 1988 with nearly 30 years history which is a large-scaled comprehensive enterprise integrated with watch research and design, production and sales as well as the agent of world-class watches.


Shenzhen Ruihui Watch Co., Ltd. was established in early 2005. The company has a complete world advanced watch product development, production and marketing system. Shenzhen Meerger Watch Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Ruihui Watch & Clock Co., Ltd., was established in 1997. With its fashionable design, excellent quality and good reputation, it has been trusted and praised by customers for many years. Now Ruihui Watch Company and Swiss watch companies bring the mechanical watch movement technology that leads the world watch industry to China.



Geya advances with the times and the aesthetics of the intelligentsia in China. Every Geya watch adheres to the mellow, delicate and clean design taste which goes with Chinese “outwardly gentle but inwardly stern” living philosophy, so that the mild, calm inner power can spread on the wearer’s wrist, and makes Geya a fashion icon of Chinese wisdom. Geya is a philosophical definition of “Stylish Life, Elegant Demeanor” through the history.

Geya originated in 1993. In the past two decades, Geya has been introducing the world’s cutting-edge design concepts, watch making processes and equipment. Each watch is meticulously designed and crafted to be a fine work on the wearer’s wrist. Geya has been writing its chapters of history with delicacy and shaping its unique brand connotation with time. After 20 years of accumulation, Geya now becomes a diversified watch company that integrates watch research & development, design, manufacture and sales, enjoying good fame at home and abroad.



PHONE:4006-227-999  61827368

Founded in 1993, Shenzhen Xinghuang Watch Co., Ltd. is a large-scale watch manufacturer integrating design, development, production and sales. It is the executive vice president unit of Shenzhen Watch Industry Association. Companies adhere to the “integrity-based, and constantly improve customer satisfaction; excellence, the pursuit of quality excellence,” the spirit of the watch industry has a high reputation, the products sell well in major cities across the country and around the world.



ZhangZhou HengLi Electronic Co., Ltd., one of the top companies in ZhangZhou region for Watch & Clock industry, is a privately owned company founded in 1996. The whole site is 10 acre in size with 10,0000 square meters of manufacturer site. There are 600 employees in the company. Our monthly production capacity is 600,000 pcs,and we have our own movement factory and our own watch case factory.All the products could meet international Rohs and Reach requirement,and have our own test lab which could make repliable test in advance.

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